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About Us

The Liso-pro  brand is a special product that has been made by “Opt-Liss” Brazilian national company, created in 2009 with the mission to enhance the beauty of female hair, developing professional cosmetic products that meet´s the highest criteria and quality expected concepts for woman´s hair, feel free to choose your beauty.

In reality the hair has a key role in our appearance. Who has never heard the expression “the hair is your frame” beautiful and healthy hair is not accidental. Long, short, straight or curly, shiny or soft, but the way you desire, increases your self-esteem, strokes your ego, making you feel more feminine more powerful.

In pursuit of transformation, Opt-Liss is a presence together with beauty professionals in various locations in Brazil and abroad.

Professional growth is a commitment of Opt-Liss Cosmetics alongside its partners and customers.


Marketing and producting cosmetics for beauty professionals, respecting the highest quality requirements and legislation, generating good business and satisfaction to our customers and consumers.


  • Having a prominent role in all markets that we act, cost effectively with growth the market average.
  • Achieving the confidence of customers and execute a consistent work over the years.


  • Humility, transparency and ethics
  • Willingness to develop
  • Use of internal resources
  • Teamwork
  • Determination to achieving the challenging targets
  • Interpersonal respect
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship