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With Lisoplex treatment, the bleaching process is no longer so aggressive for the hair. It consists of a three-step strengthening system: BOND BOOSTER, BOND SETTER and BOND LOCKER. BOND BOOSTER is a hair shield treatment formulated with phytoceramides derived from cysteine and soy isoflavones. These work together to strengthen and protect the hair fiber from the inside, rebuilding the protein structure and nourishing the hair. Moreover, it contains a cocktail of amino acids that prevent hair from breaking and repair the damage caused by abrasive chemicals while, at the same time, acting as a conditioner. Hair will look visibly stronger and cared for. BOND SETTER is an aftercare treatment developed specifically for BOND BOOSTER. Its main function is to seal the hair cuticle after bleaching. Among its active ingredients is Lisoplex, a revolutionary complex created by Periche Profesional’s Research and Development department. It clings to the hair cuticle to ensure optimal hydration for the outermost layer, while also providing the hair with elasticity and resilience. It significantly improves hair shine and volume. Argan oil is a powerful emollient that strengthens and softens hair, leaving it silky smooth. It nourishes and revitalizes the scalp. BOND LOCKER is a special aftercare treatment for BOND BOOSTER, designed for use at home after bleaching. Thanks to its active ingredients, it effectively repairs and restores the hair. Argan oil helps to keep hair nourished and soft.


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